Monday, 17 April 2017

A Clipper of teacosies?

Do you know a name for a collection or group of tea cosies?
No, neither do I. So, now it shall be a 'clipper'.
Why? because I have been making them, of course!
First I was helping my youngest to make herself a teacosy. She made mine for me, a couple of Christmases ago, but never quite got around to her own version. So, I assisted slightly.
And then the request.
DD1 requested tea cosy, and oven glove. No way would I turn that down, so,

First, the oven gloves. She likes the occasional hedgehog, So, Occasional hedgehogs it had to be.
And she also likes tea- hence the need for cosy...

I did add a face to the hedgehog, but that came after.
 I might have been trying to finish it quickly, as I was heading over to her place.

Now, she has had a trying time lately, so various friends have really come through for her as needed. And thank yous were appropriate from me, as I am too far away to be of immediate help. So, tea cosies all round?

A cat theme for Jenny, who has two furry fiends in residence. Devils incarnate according to herself.

And when she saw this, she responded, one is Jinx and the other is Pixie!

Yes, I think she was slightly thrilled with the thank you gift!

And then friend Claire. I was told she is a marine biologist. So a watery beast felt suitable here.

And I am about to start on some more oven gloves to hand over in suitable directions... 

1 comment:

Katrina said...

Oh I like a clipper of tea cosies! How about a bushel of oven gloves?

Beautiful animal themes all round, it's a wonder you managed to tame that octopus.

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