Sunday, 14 May 2017


We have been invited to afternoon tea. Lovely. It is in celebration of a golden wedding anniversary. On the invitation was written ' No Presents'.
An acceptance card was designed and made, Very simple. And sent almost instantly! That is a shock, but so instant was it, that I never thought to take a photo.
Then I started thinking. A card would be needed. Similar, but different from the acceptance card.

 Hammered cream card, with gold.
I think it is effective. And, more to the point, the couple will like it.

So, no presents?  Really? They think?

I got a thought in my head. As one does, and that thought involved dense quilting with unquilted 50 on it. The rest was amorphous, and had to develop. Development with time constraints, after all, we are to attend this do next Saturday.

So, after work yesterday, and after lunch yesterday, I got myself organised, and got on with it. It really helped that the weather did not encourage gardening!

A neutral colour scheme, and pale sulky to quilt with, and you cannot see what I have done at all!

The back was simple, and knocked out in next to no time, but that front? took about four hours by the time the quilting was done.

An invisible zip later and we happened to have a brand new cushion inner to put into it, and here it is in my home.

if you look really hard, you may see that 50 in the middle. There is also a pair of hearts, as well as a leaf design, and the couple's names in there, in the corners.

no presents. Hmmph. The very idea. 

Linking with Scraptastic Tuesday. Yes, I know, it is Sunday morning but hey! You going to tell me it is not scrappy?  and yes, the title did something all it's own... 

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Nicky said...

So satisfying to be able to whip up such a personal gift in quick order! I'm sure they will be pleased - enjoy the party! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

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