Monday, 31 July 2017


In this time poor age, it is good to spend time making things for a friend. But when it is that friend's special birthday, you cannot always share the make immediately, and it gets left, and left, until it is all but forgotten.
  So Elizabeth likes teal? You want to make something of it?  No, I thought not!
 I am sure she will find a happy spot to put this in her home..

Leonie's bag

A year or two ago friends came for a sewing weekend. One of our number brought everything in a bag, which had a simple but unusual design.  We rather admired the bag, and has a good look at it, and sort of stored up the idea for later...

Now is 'later'!

I happened to spot some rather attractive fabric, 100% linen, going for a rather bargain price up at Abakhan. Lovely linen with ELEPHANTS all over!

Well, perhaps a good bit of that landed in my basket? and just perhaps, it was meant to be a bag... Some details are rather different, but, in essence, it is the 'Leonie bag'.

Shoulder padding, and sewn up the places where stuff might otherwise escape, and a couple of pockets later, and I hope to take Leonie travelling this summer... Perhaps even next month.

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

That really is a beautiful cushion and the bag is wonderful. I hope you are having a good Summer :)

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