Sunday, 21 January 2018


It is not every day one turns a hundred. However I have just returned from just such a celebration.

So, what does a 100 year old get for a present?
Well, all the usual options are there- flowers, plants,. sweets, biscuits, and so on. but she has a house full of stuff, eats far less than once she did, and, let's face it, the world and his wife will give flowers and sweets...
A little thought is needed.

so this is what has been achieved, for an Irish Aunt, who is a fit and healthy 100 years old!

Celtic lettering for the initials, to ensure it is very personal and then the Celtic style interweaving for a border, in colours I thought she liked. Do not look too hard, there are some errors there, but by the time I realised, I was not unpicking all the way back to that first corner!

a more subtle Celtic design on the reverse

 and the relevant dates on the reverse, too. They were hand chain stitched, and if you know hwo much I love hand sewing you will understand the dedication...
 Applique letters first, that light turquoise is a favourite colour..

and bias tape made from linen for the interweaving.

Happy birthday Haunt! Love you.

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

This is wonderful! A perfect present :) Belated Happy Birthday to your aunt :)

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