Saturday, 6 January 2018

Elephants work!

So, I said I would show some of the goodies I received... this gorgeous item came from my lovely DD3-ish bod! She is most talented, and clearly understands me far too well!

Sharp eyed souls may notice that there is a tiny scrap of moomin related fabric up there at the top...

A lovely mix of strips with all sorts of variations- Liberty, moomin, William Morris... 

 and then, she goes and plonks an ellie on it for me!  I do love an ellie! and that gorgeous hot sun, in a porthole! oh goodie! I have something to help keep me toasty warm at night when I need it

Thank you miss Oh sew Cultured!

Back in the summer I was bemoaning the fact that jam labels were stupid. they are too big- except when they are too small.. they have detail on which I do not require, or they are distressingly boring... Well. Someone was listening. He took photos in our garden, and in a few other places too, and produced custom labels. I now have two sheets of labels, and some more label sheets to print as desired. A lovely thoughtful gift, thank you babe! My lovely DS!

At some point someone was commenting that a lunch bag would be desirable. Big enough to contain various bits and bobs, secure, washable.

So I put on a thinking cap and found a suitable design from Sewmamasew, and here it is

Tweetie birds, and a difficult handle- Probably more difficult because some idiot decided to use wipe clean fabric to do the outer.

For those who wish to know, the lining is in PUL, ( from plush addict), and the outer is from a huge range at our local Dunelm Mill.  It also has a thermolam lining between the PUL and the wipe clean fabrics.

I hope it does it's job.

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Lovely goodies. I think the elephant is gorgeous and the jam labels are great and a very thoughtful gift :)

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