Wednesday, 16 January 2019

A small round up...

What has happened to my blog? Life. That is what.
New responsibilities - no, you do not want to know- leave me a lack of both time and energy, so here is the quickie version

A young friend likes squirrels, so she received this oven glove with some squiddles on..

 My DD2 requested a tote bag in the same fabric as she already has a purse, and a handbag...

This fabric was bought at the festival of quilts, and this bag was made for my dear bestest of friends. I do hope it is seeing some use.

 This wallet is from the Zakka style book- My lovely K, my son's fiancee requested it be made a little larger than the pattern, as she wanted to get an A5 notebook into it.
Why is it not quite so simple as one expects to upsize a simple design like this?
Anyway, here it is, The slightly larger version!

It was also not simple to get the right zip for it. You need a zip a couple of inches longer than the measurement round half the wallet. I could get plenty of choice just too small but the right length. That was awkward. Not helped by not wishing to drive 12 miles to maybe be able to find it. And not wishing to wait for it by post.

never mind- the job got done.

And then, a quick round up from the house at Christmas.  DD2 and I went on a wreath course in 2017, so for 2018 we wanted to make our own. We managed to blag spruce offcuts- a bootfull - for free from the local Christmas Tree farm, and we had the rings from a well known source, bought our wire and went for it

On my front door

made for DD2's friend
Landed on my Dad's front door

 This was our tree this year. No tinsel, we used the organza usually used to tie the bows on chairs for weddings

 This year's cake. No, it did not last very long.

And our festive table. Seven of us sat down for Goose.


SewLittleToSay said...

My gosh, Christmas seems such a long time ago. I love the fabric you got at Festival of Quilt - you have a very lucky friend.

Katrina said...

I didn't realise the wallet gave you such a bother! It's lovely and lives in my main backpack now - keepng the notebook safe and sound.

Also, the tote bag for DD2 - it definitely looks a lot smaller in the photos!

Diane-crewe said...

sometimes life away from Blogging just gets too much ... and all that is left at the end of the day is the ability to stare into the distance x Keep going and remember that breathing is COMPULSARY !! lol x

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