Monday, 26 September 2011

Catching up, 'Made fabric', and house and tree

 Ok, so Leila asked us to 'make fabric'. We were given a link to a particular website and we made a scrappy pair of patches, out of which we constructed our beacon star block. I was excited to try, and I hated it! Yes, some folk have produced exciting and effective results, but I feel mine is sad and disappointing. 

So this week we have been given another improvisation to tackle. I had a little heart sink moment, 'am I going to hate this too'.But I am doing it! And with lots of doubts and a few false starts, I love this one!

improvised house and tree   

It seems to fit with the cow blocks I have been working on, so it is going in! I may have to do another house and tree, to go into the skill builder, just to make up the numbers.

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