Saturday, 10 September 2011

Ohio Star

Leila has given instruction for the so simple, and so beautiful Ohio Star. I think I love it because it is so uncluttered.
And because it went together like a dream.

I can't take photos yet, because my doughter is off with the camera- for a necessary project of her own- I may touch on that in a few weeks time, because I am so excited by it, but it is a secret special thing so cannot be published at present!
Leila gave directions for two systems for constructing the Quarter triangle squares, the first by quartering the contrast squares, and the second, which I prefer, taking the squares  and placing them together, having drawn a line corner to corner, and sewing either side of that, and then quartering. I felt this worked well for me. I managed reasonably good points on all the QTSs, and also not too bad a job on the assembly.
With a bit of luck, I will get the pictures tomorrow.
Really impressed with the block. Love it!

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