Sunday, 25 September 2011

red riding hood

ok. so it is the weekend of my elder daughter's birthday, and what does she want for her birthday? A visit from a parent. Papa is busy with another project, so I guess that leaves me free, clear to go spend girly time with my big girl. And take her her pressies of course- well, a pressie anyway.
So, I arrived in time for tea, it is always time for tea with my girls,and often with my boy,but that is another matter,and we had a lovely evening, and went shopping for a bit more pressie on the Saturday. And while we were exploring a certain well known department store,we spotted a coat. well, not a coat. Almost a coat, and nearly a cape, with a fur collar- but we don't do fur.But the collar is detachable, and we like the look of said almost  coat, but we do not like the price of this not really a coat, because poverty stricken students have to watch their pennies.
Anyway have a little look at the construction and, why don't we make it ourselves? at home?
Off to the little fabric store nearby, and there is a bright red suedette just begging to turn into something fun and pretty, and how about a polka dot lining to go with it?

So Sunday morning's project came home.

The DD has taken some construction pictures, and I hope to add these on in due course. A bit of invention was required at times,as there are NO patterns up here to cannibalise for collar, but my spur of the moment collar worked brilliantly (lets be modest about it) and hemming the lining with a pattern in red adds a little something to the whole.

I forgot to put a hanging loop in so a bit of unpicking to insert that later had to happen, remembered to make it, but insert?? and it still needs buttons, and loops, or buttonholes. Buttons to be bought first

Mega tip to self- A walking foot topstitches suedette and poly lining without dragging.
Mini tip to self- DD has very little in the way of cotton for her machine. Buy red thread when buying red fabric!

All in all, a very satisfying Sunday. Cost of fabric-£26. Cost of similar in store £110. I think we got a bargain!

do the lining first, as accidents are less likely to show!
the back, cut on the fold
judging theneckline
lining complete, needs an iron!
ornamental hem, takes forever, but looks good

outer, put together
the outer layer, back

outer, put together

finished,but for buttons, or fasteners

from the back
the loop had to go in later.....
and finish- for now


Pieces to Love said...

That turned out very nice.

mammafairy said...

Thank you!
We got two metal clasps today for fasteners, and some buttons to form 'sleeves'.
I have had to leave her to put them on herself, so I hope she does!

Sewandthecity said...

The cape is three and a half year old is not familiar with the story of a certain little girl wearing a red hooded cape, but I guess once this happens I will have to make a cape. The ornamental hem is so clever and so pretty. Thanks for grabbing my button. I am a follower.

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