Sunday, 6 November 2011

Birthday cards.

A few years ago I had the joy of making 'The best costume I have ever worn' Quote from a lad who is now a professional dancer.  The matador costume for Carmen. It was a last minute affair, and no way could I do all that gold embroidery at the time, so I got a pack of the rose petal confetti, which is still available, in gold, and some openweave ribbon in gold mesh, and did patterns down the sleeves and legs, petals and leaves, in symmetrical designs, with the mesh ribbon over the top, and zig-zagged down. It worked.
I have had lurking, the rest of the confetti for years. This afternoon DD2 and I are off out to a girly party, for the afternoon/evening. We all provide food, and we play a variety of games, and gossip and chat and have a good time generally. Those of us who like fiddling make cards to give to the Birthday girl, of whatever age, and those who do not make just buy, and that is fine.
Now, I am a last minute merchant, so whatever I do is at the last gasp, so trhis morning, I have made, lemon drizzle cake, milk chocolate cake, and two cards!
 I still have scones to make..

But here are the cards. Hot glue, confetti, net and a covered button later

I like it when things are quick and work well!

Anyone a knitter? I have come across this tutorial, and whether you think you are an expert, or have never knitted one stitch in your life, you should go and look at this. It will revolutionise your view of knitting. It did mine...  

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Pat said...

CUTE cards! And your baking sounds yummy!

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