Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Hurrah! the trousers for the hatter are done. I just hope they fit. It is so difficult making costumes at one remove. You have to rely on someone else's measurements, and I may never see the costumes in use, as the performances will be on the day we return from holiday.

Anyway, the Hatter will be wearing tartan check trousers-I know, that is tautological, but you know what I mean- in black and white with a fine red line in the middle of the check. They look surprisingly good. I trust they are long enough.

Why can you not show off trousers well, unless they are on a body?

but they should be dramatic enough on stage.

And Dormouse is well started. A soft green jacket is under way- Sew and the City may recognise the fabric, as she received something made in it for her PIF. (I am waiting till she blogs about it before I do, 'cos that feels fair.)
Dormouse is going to wear a little pair of velour hot pants, and has a cute little cap with ears in the same fabric. Little green jacket over the top, should look ok.

However, it does help if you sew the left front on the right way round, and do not end up trying to set the sleeve into the neck of the front, and armhole of the back....
And I now have to invent the collar. Ho hum. 

I have been over to Lily's quilts and she is doing another of her giveaways, now, I wouldn't mind receiving the goodies here, though they are so popular, the lucky one will be very lucky, but I have also had to bookmark the supplier backstitch, because I instantly got the 'I want's. Badly. So I might end up treating myself, or one or both my girls anyway. 'Cos there are some beauties there. Sigh. Sorry.

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