Sunday, 13 November 2011

Starry night block

This is the next block for the skill builder. Or perhaps it is the patience builder. I am just ripping out my third seam. Because, with great care being taken, my pieces are still not quite covering the way they ought. HUMPH.
Looks fine right upuntil it gets ironed. Then it reveals that it just will not do. Contrary. so I am ripping out again.

But, Tip of the week, I think ripping out on paper piecing is easier if you cut between the paper and the fabric, rather than between the two layers of fabric. Not sure why, but it is working for me! First Quarter of this block,
  Looks really crisp and smart. You really cannot see the frustration levels here.
So despite the frustration of the first three quarters all requiring multiple rippings out, I now have four quarters of the block. The final one made up perfectly. Perhaps because it happened after a good night's sleep, and I have been fighting off a lurgy, which my DD2 donated to the cause, but feel a bit brighter today.

I will makethe block up according to instructions. BUT, playing with them, there are loads of possibilities. Now I want a non paper piecing method of putting these together, so I can make loads, I really see a whole quilt with this block, and it is exciting!

this is the suggested layout, for this block, a whole load of these would give this second pattern  which looks great, and also this one,

but this modern twist also looks good   and this isn't bad either  or

 this one
or this    I love the modern feel to these. As a traditional lass, this is a strange thing to say. What do you think?

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Cayt said...

I love the modern ones, too. It's a beautiful block.

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