Monday, 17 December 2012


 My wonderful Wendy has organised the decorations at work!She is a treasure, and amazing!

 and the really wonderful thing? we didn't even buy any new bits, except the snowflake window stickers!
 Some secret sewing- It is ok, this one is unlikely to look, so you can! The zig-zag lines are in a teal variegated thread and an orange and green variegated thread. I love these against the grey.
 I still have to sort out a lining.

This still needs the top sewing around.

and I won this! in a bee! thank you Stephanie, not just the promised texty fabrics, but subtle low volume prints as well! Isn't Stephanie wonderful to send these?

 And these lovely Liberty prints came all the way from Australia! Won in the Sewmamasew giveaway fest! (I shall have to try to actually do some giving in the next one.)
Karen from SewWellMaide gave a huge pile of Liberty charms, and they are even more gorgeous in real life than they are in the pictures! I needed red in my stash, and now I have a little!


Sarah said...

Great wins! Love your variegated quilting. You are right about it looking great on the grey. And, the Christmas decs at the shop are very chic and elegant.

Cayt said...

The window looks brilliant!

Collette said...

the shop decorations are so stylish love them! great wins too and love the zig zag quilting! x

Altax said...

Looks Great!!! Merry Christmas.

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