Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Now the clearing up...

I have had a computer failure over the past few weeks, and have lost quite a number of images, and lists, so If I owe you a little something, I may have lost it in the 'puter! Just shout to remind me please- It is not nagging, just a needful prod!

It has been the year of the bag. Anyone to whom a bag may be useful, has received a tote bag- Personally I entirely blame Hadley, Cindy and Susan. It is their fault, for without the Mouthy Stitches 2 swap, I would not have been hooked onto this.

Daughter number 1. Favourite animal? Hedgehog.
So a few pictures later, and I found something I thought I could make use of, and Mr Hodgieheg came into being. I must remember with applique, that it always comes out the other way round! I nearly had a disaster with that tree. In the end it seemed to work, though.

 And a further tree on the back, in variegated threads, and DD1 is pleased!

DD2 is a mad fan of VW campervans. Do not ask me why, though I have a bit of a soft spot for them when I see them out and about, myself, so I suppose I can sort of understand. Anyway, this is what came out of my sewing machine for her. Well worth it, for the look on her face when she opened it!
A simple back, as I felt anything more organic would grate with the campervan in its mechanical elegance- I am not sure that makes sense, but it is how I felt at the time. 
Now, my sister in law's bag you have already seen, but I had to do one for my mother. She is less whimsical than the others, and so something a little more abstract seemed more appropriate.


 side one,modelled by DD1, Thanks little one.

and, side two.
                                                                                                       and the usual pockets and details! Fabric chosen with swirls to echo the design on the one side.

Spring and summer coloured stars, for Diane

A colour palate was the clue for Mary

and again a set of colours was specified by Tinkingalong, based on her original.
So that was pre Christmas, and all finally finished in time for me to catch up with some Bee obligations.

These all are supposed to arrive two or three weeks apart, but Chaos theory rules and blocks are like buses- they catch up with one another!  So all these will go together to the next port of call- but I think she is ahead of herself, and will be sending them straight out again

I do hope you all had as peaceful and joyful Christmas as we did, and are set for a happy and a healthy New Year.


Di said...

I like your bags and bee blocks. I am sorry that the computer has 'eaten' your photos - so annoying! Di x

JoZart said...

Love all your personalised bags and I'm sure those who received them did too. Wonder what we'll all make in 2013?
love Jo x

Diane-crewe said...

the bags came out realy well .. good job x

Anonymous said...

Seeing your blocks is great inspiration for me. I must get on with some more of mine. Forget how crazily busy December is and how short the holiday... let alone two written off days being ill. Hoping to be as productive as you in the new year! :-)

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