Wednesday, 12 December 2012

sewing so smooth?

Has this happened to you? Sewing along, no problem, and the needle has jumped free all on its own! Suddenly, you are not sewing at all, just making strange noises on the machine! Five times in close succession!
And I cannot see why! I promise you, the needle was correctly inserted, and fully tightened, and I even checked that I could not pull it out when in situ. And three or four stitches later, it is out. Not broken, not bent, just dangling!

A sign I am not meant to sew today? maybe, but I have to get on!

On the plus side, we had our receptionists round for a meal, plus husbands, to celebrate Christmes, on Sunday, and I think the meal went ok, I mulled wine for the first time- combination recipe, Nigella and Good housekeeping... and ending up with mince pies, and coffee. Well, not for me- I am strictly a tea Jenny!

Always a relief when this sort of thing is over!

Now, back to the machine?


Di said...

Yes that happens to me too. Perhaps we have the same type of machine? My solution is to ease off the pedal and don't whizz down the seam too quickly. Di x

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

oh dear! Does not sound good :(
Your table and pies look great though!

Janine said...

I don't know what could going on with your needle. I hope it stops doing it!

Collette said...

haven't had that happen with a needle yet but there is a first time for everything! lovely mince pies x

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