Wednesday, 2 January 2013

January hipbee

Collette from our Hipbee asked for a lovely simple disappearing 9 patch for her block. This could not have been made more simple. She had cut the squares already, and all that was left was to arrange, sew, and split and sew. It was all over really quickly.
I must confess, I actually did get this one done before Christmas, but with everything else, it has had to wait for its airing.

So, now it needs to be packed up, and posted.
On its way shortly, Collette. 

 A whole year ago, my son requested a book bag for the tube. The book he chose to have it designed around was specific, a chunky paperback, and he went with me and chose this green denim. After that it was left to me. No pockets were wanted, and no extra fancy doodads. Just a bag, to go on shoulder. So, that is what he has got- as a Christmas present a year later! Oh, how my children suffer!

Next question- will it be used?

There has been some fancy cooking happening at my house over the break, Chocolate truffles, and a gingerbread house. Not my baking, but a DD2 production.  She has even provided a cat flap for a gingerbread cat to use!
And, yes, 'mad as a hatter' describes her for this sort of thing!
 She's a clever lass.



Elvy Crafts said...

I hope the book bag gets lots of use! Lucky kid, and great job on the bag!

Sarah said...

NIce job on the D9P. Hope your son will make much useof his book bag too!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

The perfect no frills bag for a guy to carry paperbacks. Great job!

Catherine said...

Love the bag you made! The d9p was fun to make wasn't it

Janine said...

That bee block is beautiful and fab job on the bag. The gingerbread house looks great too - lovely idea to have a cat flap :)

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