Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I love baby clothes!

 One of the most fun things about folks having a baby, is, you can make a cosy something for that baby!

Lucy kept us guessing, until at last Lois made her debut, but I did not wish to wait quite that long to make a something. So, not knowing if Lois would be a she, or a he, a gender neutral something seemed best. Well, I think penguins are gender neutral, don't you?

This is a lovely soft fuzzy fleece, and this wee 'goonie' is a pattern I used for all my children, though not, I have to admit, in such a lovely design. My children got plain red and blue, as that was what I could get at the time!

Anyway, the little gown is very cosy, and mine wore it in their cots, so if their blankets were adrift they stayed cosy,
and they also wore these when in their prams. A friends daughter wore this first size fleecy outfit at night for her whole first year, I think it was like paint on her by the end!

So that was one project, and I have been working on another.

I have been using my 'Salt Air' charms.

These have gone together nicely and I have put all the blocks together, leaving one 'orphan' block.

On to put a border round the layout, and then to sort the backing out. Soon, soon!


Di said...

Good make and I'm sure baby Charm will be warm and snugly in it. Di x

JoZart said...

That is so lovely, cuddly and cute too.
Jo x

Collette said...

I love that wee goonie!! Wouldn't mind one myself! I am sure Lucy will love it! x

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