Saturday, 19 January 2013


 Have you received an unexpected parcel lately?

I have.
And I am just feeling so loved, and cared about, you would not believe!

Well, I have had a very satisfying, slightly jokey exchange of emails with a very dear friend. One of those folks, who you waited all your life to get to know, even though you never knew you were looking for them. Someone who gets your silly  Do you know what I mean?

And my children would assure you- I can be very silly. I told my daughter today, I still do not know what I want to do when I grow up. We were discussing what she wants to do for a career. After all, she is in the middle of her masters, and needs to think what to do next.  Anyway, I digress.

I arrived home from one of those frustrating afternoons, when four out of five appointments had been cancelled, OH was due to be away for the weekend, but his weekend had also been cancelled, due to weather, and there, in the dining room was a squishy parcel.
I promise you, it was a very squishy parcel. All soft. The postman thought it was a squishy parcel too. It was comfortably fat, but he squished it through my letter box anyway. my husband heard him, and arrived in time to see it plump through the door and land on the floor.

I carefully inspected my parcel, and found some very pretty floral stamps on it. I think my favourite flower is the iris. And there, on a stamp is a bearded iris.

So, I open my squishy parcel. Inside is another squishy parcel. Wrapped in really cute wols. And a card.

Someone knows I like butterflies too?

And in the card, some mini magnetic bookmarks, cat, mouse and fish.

 I had to investigate further.

Do you see a shawl? a beautiful lace shawl? hand knitted for me, by May, my very dear friend who is totally daft and super sweet!
 she knitted this gorgeous soft warm, heavenly super soft shawl just for me!!!

Now don't tell me you aren't suffering just the smallest bit of green-eye, I do not think I would believe you
 Look at the detail, that pretty edging!

I am finding it the most fun soft feeling drapery ever! it is getting thrown round my shoulders, and draped around my head and just generally made the most of!

Even my husband has been admiring it. The colour is a soft grey-blue, and it is lovely!

Thank you May!


Catherine said...

What a gorgeous shawl!

Sarah said...

Oh that shawl is amazing - lucky you!!

Second Chance Tan said...

oh wow - you lucky lucky thing.... surprise parcels are just the best x

Di said...

Isn't a surprise parcel just the best. Yours had gorgeous content too. Di x

Fabraholic said...

Glad you like it :-)

cheeky monkey said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! You are so lucky to have friends liker her. It looks amazing!

Sew Thrifty Fi said...

That is so beautiful! Lucky you x

Isisjem said...

Yes that shawl is absolutely gorgeous! Lucky you. Mail days like this are great!

Collette said...

oh wow that shawl is stunning!!! love everything about it! I would be wearing it everywhere too! glad you got some very happy kind mail to cheer up a troublesome day! xxxx

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