Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Oh dear- I have been shopping. No, sorry, not really fabric shopping- except zips.

I have seen those pretty triple zippie pouches around, and need to have a go. So I laid in a few zips. I have a very good source of zips, and as I was there anyway- I got them! The company is so helpful and although I have to buy them in bundles, they are such a good price, that it is worth having 10 of a colour- they do get used in the end. And a bundle of 10 zips goes nowhere when costumes are in the offing!

 So I treated myself to three colours!

Do not hold your breath on this one, but it will happen- when I get there.

 I have been playing with a few other things but want to keep them mostly under wraps for the moment, so not a lot of sewing to show, yet.

And another piece of extravagance?
A new teapot!
A favourite died before Christmas, as they do, and we had a choice. Too big, or really not big enough. So this medium size fellow has come in to our house- and DD1 has expressed a desire to see what it was like!
My sewing activities have included some much needed decluttering. I have been very strong, and thrown away those silly scraps which are really only big enough to make a petal for bondaweb applique, and then you couldn't stitch them!

So these are what are left of the smaller bits. 

And I have sorted all the strips of leftover, into width categories- How did I collect all those strips?

Some of these strips are barely wide enough to provide an accent for something, and any that hit the 2.5" width got stashed in a separate poly bag

and larger scraps got put into my bonus box! a shoe box acquired with a recent footwear purchase! Well, waste not!

and so I can pretend to be tidying up.....


Di said...

Nice colorful zips. I like the tidying up, it is good to be ruthless and get them under control. Di x

Janine said...

You zips are lovely - gorgeous colours. And those are what I call scraps too! So much potential for new projects :)

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