Sunday, 3 February 2013

Wonky February starts

The stash bee queen for February has called for her blocks. She wanted wonky blocks, one each of a log cabin and a star. I think I am not alone in fnding wonky difficult at times. Apart from anything else, the frugal bit of me hates to cut off that seam at an angle, and screams 'you can't waste that bit! Make it straight, it is so much more economical' .

But, as you can see, I have managed a wonky star, and most of my log cabin is wonky. Ish. Sort of. It will have to do.

 Joining in the wonky theme. An amaryllis. Yes, I know, they are not called that any more. There was a name change. But that is what it was when I was little, so I shall still call it that. But an amaryllis with a wonk!

Why is it wonky?

Normally you would suppose I had it with that bud toward the window.

But just look at the other side.

 You can just about see, the bud the other side, is trying to grow wonky the other way....

I think I got a wonky amaryllis!

 Signs of spring are starting. First primroses, and the very first snowdrops are making their presence felt in the garden.

We were out for an hour today, pruning and chopping- maybe a little early, but the day was clement, and no guarantee of another such day in the next week or so, so we filled the 'green' bin, and then some. And called a halt once that was done.

And this is for my daughters. She only wants some more food! Poor half starved little Genny cat!


JoZart said...

Heh!he! It might all be wonky but I do like it! I really does look intentional and not accidental. lovely colours too!
Thanks for your comment ...
Jo x

Second Chance Tan said...

oooo I always feel just the same when I have to cut off fabric to make something wonky, and waste it!! I get all stingy and try and use the off cuts for ridiculously small things! x

Di said...

I can't do wonky. My brain doesn't let me wonk enough! The spring flowers are just lovely. Di x

Elita en Suisse said...

I love your wonky blocks, though I've been too chicken to try some out for myself. I'm still very much a symmetrical kind of girl so it'll take some doing to overcome that. Sorry to be thick but what has amaryllis been changed to? that's the only name I know for it. ;-)

Janine said...

Your blocks look great! I've always wanted to make a wonky star quilt but I can't bear the waste either!

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