Saturday, 23 February 2013

Saturday sewing

 My lovely husband is a Morris dancer. This entails 'kit' So that the men all look the same.  ( Tall short, fat thin... ) Baldrics are made from grosgrain ribbon, as are belts and rosettes. There is a looming problem, as there is a limited manufacture of grosgrain ribbon, and the shade of blue they use is no longer made. Meantime we have enough to keep going a little longer, and hope that someone will decide to make this colour again before we run out.

On the centre front of the baldric is a medallion, which has been embroidered by machine, and then a frill of gold grosgrain has to be put around it.

I have now come up with the simplest method for this, I think, and yards of frill were sewn - DH had a go, but quickly relinquished the machine back to me to carry on- not as easy as it looked, perhaps?

  And then the frill is stitched onto the centre, berfore satin stitching around in maroon.

A newish member will be dancing out with the side this season, and my sweaty DH needs a refurb on his kit, so I did two.

Several rosettes are also needed, so I put them together, but the dancer will have to put the rest together himself, as it has to be made to size.

These are the makings of the baldric, and I have stopped! the rest is not my baby!

This lot took a couple of hours to do. It feels like not a lot of result for the time spent. But it needed doing, and that is done!


Second Chance Tan said...

Shhh I'm not going to say it too loudly but I was a morris dancer when i was a teenager - one of oxfordshire's only female troups! Loved it, it was the best way to get into pubs underage!!! This post has sent me on a little trip down memory lane x

maddyrose said...

I'm clueless as to what a Morris dancer is so I'll have to do some research. What I do know is this project looks like a lot of work.

Janine said...

I love to see morris dancing. I hope they appreciate all the work that goes into those costumes :)

Collette said...

wow what a lot of work put into the outfits! well done you!

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