Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Our boiler has given up. Oh it could be worse- It is not snowy, and it is not as cold as it might be, and I think it has taken me four days to notice- but, our boiler has given up!

Well, I noticed on Monday, that the heated towel rail was not as warm as usual. but just assumed my DH had played with the timer on the system... I have such faith... and, we are lucky enough to have underfloor heating, so I also noticed the floor in the bathroom was chilly underfoot. And that the hall was cooler under bare feet than I am used to. I think I am soft!

But last night I was cold overnight, and this morning the whole house felt cool.So I checked the boiler. Wet. Water on the surface, water dripping slowly, s.o.....s.l.o.w.l.y....from the nethers of the boiler, and no lights.

So the repair man comes tomorrow. Meantime, thank goodness for electric showers!  And extra jumpers. We are fine.

On a more cheerful front, I have been very naughty. I have joined another swap. For the fun of it. I am yet to 'fess up to my DH. I have sewing he needs first, but my lovely machine has been on the sick again.

Sunday a week ago, Young friend came to sew. I turned her on (machine, not friend...) and she demanded oil. Oil into bobbin race, light goes off, display goes off, what is that nasty smell? and smoke from the back. And the needle jigged as it does when you first turn on. But it kept on jigging. And jigging. Display? nothing. Foot pedal? nothing. Nasty smell? yes, plenty.

So she has gone back to the dealer. AGAIN. Am I glad I paid for the extended guarantee? Yes. But they cannot find the details, so I really hope that, having had the front circuit replaced, and the back circuit replaced, she will go for years and years with no further problems. Everything crossed- I love her and cannot bear the idea of going back to my Singer, which went, trouble free for over 20 years. Of course she was much simpler, but so much louder too.

So, the swap?

Celtic Thistle  has started a swap, the Crafty Cook's Apron and Recipe swap, over on Flickr. And I have had some very kind and gentle arm twisting, to join. So I have. Looks like some lovely folk involved, many of whom I already am familiar with, from elsewhere.

Mosaic? what mosaic?

Oh this one!

So, sign ups go on for another week or so, and I am looking forward to seeing how it works out!

Why not join us?

Especially some of you Europeans and Russian contingent out there! That could be fun, with more and different recipes being shared!


Celtic Thistle said...

Oh dear doesn't sound good for your machine, sometimes old and simple is good!

Thanks for signing up to the Crafty Cooks Apron Swap, should be fun :)

Pam @Threading My Way said...

This is only my second swap ever and I'm looking forward to it. Fingers crossed your machine is fixed soon.

Second Chance Tan said...

Oooo I hope the boiler and sewing machine are fixed soon. Looks like a great swap - might check it out x

Collette said...

I joined another swap too.... this one looks tempting but really shouldn't!
Hope all gets fixed with the boiler soon!

Barb and Sharon said...

Oh I hope you get warm soon! Yikes about the machine. Will they replace the machine with the same model? I hope everything works out for you. Sending you good luck!

Isisjem said...

Oh no machine and boiler troubles? That's too much trouble by far!

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