Saturday, 30 March 2013

Breaking news, cat uses litter tray!

 Instead of an Easter egg, DD2 requested a home made purse. Her present purse has a clip, and tends to open randomly and spill its contents. So a zip top version was preferred, and duly produced. Not brilliant, but it functions.

Little pockets made putting the zip in rather more awkward, but I trust it is going to be secure enough for purpose.

I have been procrastinating. I have had the makings for ages, but have only just got round to making the cloak requested for ' Brian the Lion'

Morris sides generally have a 'fool' and sometimes they also have an animal, to interact with any audience they may encounter. Thelwall recently decided to resurrect their animal and so the lion came back into play. Someone else has made the head, and I was volunteered to do the cloak.

That fur fabric is really thick and heavy and a pig to sew. It takes only those stitches it wants to, meaning seams have to be sewn several times. It is very heavy, which means it is as difficult to manhandle as a big quilt. And, of course, I now have a house full of fluff!

Maroon, blue and gold are the  Thelwall colours, so I have picked those up on the collar. That lion will be very cosy!

My DH has also been volunteered to join in with 'pace egging' He was given the part of the 'Black Knight'. This involved, dressing in black and blacking up.

He gets killed and, officially, carried off. I do not think there were any volunteers to carry this particular black knight off.
So, they decided to use a stretcher. Two poles and a blanket, and roll the dead knight on, pick up the poles and leave the scene. Leaving behind, one black knight, on blanket.

Black knight, looks up, says, 'oh, s%$*&' and gets up, picking up blanket and 'hiding' behind it, and shuffles off sideways. Mission accomplished.

Those of a delicate disposition, look away now!

Litter tray news!  We are using it!

  Ok, so that shouldn't be a surprise. But Genny is getting old. And for a few ( most) years she has declined use of litter tray, preferring to go outside. We have kept the litter tray going, for cold weather, and her getting caught short, but she has not bothered. Then recently she has apparently decided not to get her bottom cold. But to go indoors. In the kitchen. Leaving a most unpleasant aroma. Not in the tray, but just in a corner. Not nice.

So, I eventually twigged, and moved the litter tray to where she goes. Not my preferred position, but HER preferred position. And she is using it. Of course, this means I will have to clean it out more often, but if it saves the smells...


Anonymous said...

What a lovel purse. DD2 has the right idea! And wow I can only imagine the fluff from the lion cloak. At least it must have kept your legs warm in these ridiculously cold evenings! :-)

cheeky monkey said...

What a great lion! Not only the sewing must be hard .. wearing it and playing in a theater must be hard as well! Someone will lose weight!

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