Wednesday, 20 March 2013

thinking aloud..

 What goes on in your bathroom? No,  not quite so much detail, thank you!

I have chilli peppers growing in mine. I am sure they are not supposed to be perennial, but these  are nearly a year old now, and produce peppers, one at a time...

Not for me, a bountiful crop, all coming on the plants together, no, I have four plants, and currently three fruit. I am doing it wrong- or they are.
 Seriously, how long may they carry on growing and fruiting?

Perhaps I will find out.

 But I baked today, no sewing, but home made biscuits. With choc chips, walnuts and cranberries.  We shall see if there are any left by the time my DD2 comes home on Friday!

Little Miss Muddy Paws has been playing in the bath. Again. Why are cats paw prints actually not quite easy to clean off the edge of the bath?

She is not supposed to wish to bathe, but I have caught her in the bath a couple of times. Funny girl.
I have been playing with ideas for the Apron swap, and also considering fabrics. I plan to shop for fabric this weekend. I have been not sewing generally- trying to be good, and do some of the dreaded housework, but I must get back to it- I am in danger of being houseproud , and that is not my scene!

so I shall start considering fabric combinations, and styles of print, and what will work with which shape of apron, for my mysterious partner.

'Tis fun though! Just planning.

Sewing soon!


Linda Coleman said...

Love the sketches for the apron swap

Second Chance Tan said...

Ha ha I love that you grow peppers in your bathroom. I need to crack on with my thinking about the swap too x

Celtic Thistle said...

Those biscuits look very tasty. Love the apron sketches too!

Austysmum said...

I have a naughty kitty who likes to sit on the sink. So I am constantly wiping muddy paw prints off my kitchen cupboards. I think I'd prefer the bath! Your peppers are looking delicious!

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