Friday, 25 October 2013

postal surprises..

Who can sew curves, really beautifully? And make a gorgeous mini quilt, with such lovely curved seams, all lying as flat as they should? and then quilt the curves with a lovely modern style, following the curves and really making an item to love? 

And then post that off to a friend, who has not got a clue that it is heading her way! to that friend, as an unexpected surprise!

I can tell you who! it is a lovely lady blogging over at Mail from the Cheeky Monkeys

I can tell you who was shocked and delighted too!


I was so pleased to receive this wonderful gift! I remember commenting on the blog post where my lovely friend showed this little piece of art, and I remember thinking, someone would be very lucky when it popped through their door- but I did not expect to be the lucky one!

The block she has done here is the mango block, which can be found at a quilters table- another lovely blog which is worth looking in at!

So, what has been lovely in your life today? 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Catching up!

What would you understand given the instruction, 'Gelati colours' ?

This was the colour instruction for these blocks. 14", an unusual size, and this 'gelati'  word. On white.

To me, gelati is icecream, and the colours would be creamy, soft shades, but the starter block was in rich greens and blues. So, I thought I should wait and get my sticky paws on it to see what the colours were really like, before I added my mite.
The starter is that one, third row down, and second from the left, a pretty Dresden plate.

So, this is my one. I think it works from the point of view of the colours, I just have a blind spot which says, this is not icecream..But it will be a wonderful vibrant quilt, when it finally gets home.

making that block?   Ok, I winged it... I started with the centre, and just added until I reached a sensible size, and then, stopped. And added that white border.

Ok, let's try to get parcels in the post! Soon.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

little boxes

 Have you seen this fabric box? the tutorial is available here.

Of course, I cannot just follow instructions, so the corners have been stitched slightly differently, to give these little pockets, which I think are cute!

I already had these pretty snowflake buttons, which were perfect for the little project.

This, or another one very like it, is off to a mystery partner, to be filled with sweeties first, for the Lazy Bums Secret Christmas Swap.
Now, I wonder who might get it?
If they do not like the fabrics, they had better speak up!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Green ducks- done!

 Well, you knew there was more to come, didn't you?
So, some place mats,  reversible, of course...

 Three edged in black, and three in green...

and some coasters,, again all individual, and different from one another
And the whole set. I just do not know what else I might have added!

Statistics, for those of you who are so minded.
I was supplied with 1m each of
the lovely ducks
the pretty stripe
Green cotton
Black cotton

I supplied my own calico and some muslin, as well as the cotton wadding and the insulbright to complete the project.

I do have some of each of these fabrics left over for future projects. It was lovely quality and just thinking about it cheers me up!
I had an absolutely fabulous time doing it as well!

Thank you for my gorgeous fabric, Terry's!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


 I have started playing with the fabric I received form Terry's, You remember this post?
This is just the first little bit of what I have  planned- but I am rather pleased with the result!
 Stuffed with a teapot, it looks rather smart, I think!
 and I made the outer layer long enough to turn over the edges and use as a self binding!

Next I wanted to make oven gloves. So, I looked at the ones I have. And measured them, and thought about possible improvements. Not many improvements spring to mind. An oven glove is an oven glove, really.

And with the help of a couple of ducks...

We now have fun ducky oven gloves.

These have been followed by a table runner. Nicely sandwiched with heat resistant wadding, so pots can go straight on top, on the table.

I love these co-ordinating kitchen bits. It has just taken me a little longer to get to them, than I had thought!

The next pieces are planned!  soon, very soon...Just wait and see...

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Poor show- September sewing!

 Belated block for Fi, in the stash bee. She chose pretty pretty fabric...

And officially September blocks for Sarah
 And a block to go off to the other side of the world, after a few more stopovers,

and playing nicely with it's friends..

And between moving children, and going on holiday- and having visitors, that is about all that happened in September!

Linking with fresh sewing day- despite such a poor collection!
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