Sunday, 5 April 2015


I cannot believe I did not post about a great weekend from last month!

We had a mini international sewing retreat right here in my home!

Lovely ladies came, and stayed, and we went shopping for fabric, and we sewed! The ladies came from the Lazy Bums group, and only those who could come, came. I had the lovely cheeky monkey blogger from Austria via Galway, the amazing Strandkorbtraum from Germany, and the wonderful Fabraholic from Finland via Germany. Add me and my daughter into the mix and you get an international group, near enough.

We ate, we slept, some of us walked up a hill, some of us gardened ( come back, please and do some more!)

 yes we worked at it!

fruits of our labours

 and we left some scraps in the bin, too!

and the lovely Lucy joined us for the evening on the Saturday, too, A lovely treat.

Come back please ladies!


cheeky monkey said...

It was an amazing weekend. So many things were done and lots of laughing. Thank you so much :)

Archie the wonder dog said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend!

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