Friday, 3 April 2015


Oh dear, I seem to have been awol! I have done stuff, Honest!

We had a weekend in London, as two of our children now live there. this trip included a trip to Goldhawk Road.

If any of you do not know about Goldhawk Road, and live remotely near West London, and make clothing- GO THERE! It is the home of a whole heap of fabric shops all in one place. We missed out about three or four of them, but still went into more than a dozen!

I wanted more pretty fabric for a few T-shirts. I have hunted for pretty T-shirting that is not babyish, and failed to find it locally. But in Goldhawk Road, I scored! Whoo-hoo!
Two rather William Morris-y prints, and a more amorphous print.
This last one has already transformed into a top, as you can see, below, and I am chuffed to bits, as they say!

and then a couple of wovens, the green to turn into culottes, when I get there, and the other.... well, shall we just say, it declined to be abandoned in the shop?/

 I am very happy with my buys!

There is another T-shirt fabric, in rich greens and purples... It will also happen in due course.

 I also made the bee blocks for March. made rather more promptly than posted... Clever blocks asked for by lovely Jo, who plans a Siblings Together quilt, I believe.

The blocks all together look great!

And then there is a swap... That Tote bag swap.... I have it almost together now, Black and white and One colour!

A zippy pocket,  and some slippy pockets,

Putting it together somehow those slip pockets in the lining decided to go in upside down...
 that seam ripper is facing the gap left at the bottom of the bag, for turning right sides out at the end...

Do you think it is a fashion that may catch on, given time?

and here is the bag all sewn together!I do hope my partner likes it! Do you think she will?


cheeky monkey said...

I can see that you used the serger! That is so much easier! Great buy and I feel sorry when going to London there will be no time for shopping :( But at least you had a great time there!

Janine said...

It sounds an amazing district and you've chosen some lovely fabrics. Your T shirt looks great :)

Janene Spencer said...

I feel so spoilt for living a stones throw from GH Rd. Have never spotted such lovely stretch though. Proves just how many fabric shops there are round here! Love your T's x

Isisjem said...

Nice purchases and top! Katie and I were going to go to Goldhawk road when we were at the Fat Quarterly retreat but I'd joined in with a swap and we hadn't time to get there and back and me be there for the swap! I should go sometime because West London is closest to me!

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