Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday sewing, again

Ok, on my list today, I have; trousers for the Hatter. Jacket for the dormouse. Tabard for the Knave. The latest block from Leila, and last Fridays FMQ. Which I haven't started yet. Panic,  panic. I mean,  the starburst, which I haven't practiced yet.

In my defence it has been quite a week. I have had a visitor for the week, who wished to sew, so I had to share my machine when I wasn't working, with two young ladies, instead of just with one- I am very glad to share my machine, but I still get less opportunity, when I am sharing, so that is my excuse, and I am sticking to it.

Then I had to clear the dining room, where my sewing machines are usually permanently available, as my parents have recently celebrated 60 years of marriage, and I was feeding them, and my brother and his wife, and two of my kids were home, so eight round the table, warrants the dining room being used, I think. And it was lovely, Everyone was ok, and it was good to see a tidy, no, a tidier, room for a short while. This morning, machines come back again, and my visitor has gone, so there are only two of us needing the flat bed again.

Highest priority has to be a costume item. So I have had in my head to make a card for the youngster being the knave of hearts. I simplified it down as far as I possibly could, searched through my stash and this is what came out.

Elastic at the shoulders, and at the waist, under this will be a cat suit in black, which has had sleeves attached with red strips on a black ground, red cuff at the elbow,and gold trim round the cuff. I may yet embroider facial details on, but the important thing is that she is clothed!

So having that out of the way, I thought I was allowed a little playtime.
Leila's block is next on the list. Paper piecing. Hmm. I did not think it would be difficult (it wasn't). And I did think it would give a good result (it did). I was concerned that there would be a lot of wasted paper. And there is.
It was suggested we print 5 copies of the template, and use one for a pattern, and sew on the others, to end with four pieced 'square-in-a-square's. Which makes sense. And I printed one on each end of the paper, so only used three pieces of paper.
The test square was spot on, which kept things simple.

I think from the waste alone I am not a major fan. Add to that, when putting the individual squares together, I managed to get one upside down, spot the mistaken mistake, unpick it, I am still using the short stitch, so unpicking is more difficult....

and then managed to sew a row on upside down. More unpicking. And I am still using that shortened stitch...

However, I finally have a result. And not too unhappy with it either. The placement of the stripes is fortuitous, though had I planned better, it would have been the same. I was just too aggravated to be planning at the time.

 Not the quickest or best result of my life. But I did it. And with her skill builder, it is just that, Building skills, whether I choose to use them at a later date, that is a different matter.

And now for the FMQ bit. This week it is 'Bright Star' well I think I may have produced a bright spider web, or possibly some bright tram lines. Any votes?

Here is attempt no. 1
 front viewand the back I was reasonably happy, because there were no nests on the back and at least some of my lines looked fairly straight. I haven't looked at anyone else's attempts yet of course, so I may be less pleased after that.
I acquired, in the week, a set of  'lid twisters' which are grippy, and feel I have more control of the fabric with these.
Anyway, I was happy enough with this to make another attempt. Whether try 2 is any improvement I leave to personal opinion. But I am feeling a bit more confident that I will eventually get there.
it is the patch at the bottom which is the second attempt. this is on an edge, which does make maneuvering a little more difficult. And the back?


Janine said...

Love your knave of hearts costume and your bright stars are looking good - not at all like a spider's web although perhaps that's what we should have done this week!

Manda said...

Great block - I know your frustration about getting things the wrong way round!
Fab costume and your bright star looks good!

Pat said...

Great costume! Your bright stars are looking good too!

beecee said...

Your knave costume is Brilliant! You sure accomplished a lot. I used to love making Halloween costumes.
I think your block is great too. I set a center medallion in a big quilt and didn't realize that there was a secondary pattern in the stripes that was directional. Everyone tells me to leave it be. We'll see.
And you are doing terrific with the bright star. I love that we are improving so fast.

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