Wednesday, 8 February 2012

bits and bobs

Frustration runs high. I can take photos, but we ran a virus check on the computer, and although it now runs a little faster, it no longer recognises my SD card. So I have to get into my DH's computer, and email them from there. Not helped by his computer needing the touch of the master to respond. I can put in the SD card, and it cannot find it. Ten seconds later he puts it in afresh, and there it is, large as life and half as interesting. How does he do it? Grr.
Well, Someone thought they might like more pictures of the pouch. I am still up for keeping a touch of mystery. So I took more pictures. But draped over it some of the scraps I am planning to enclose...

Here is the front, again.

And the back?

Hiding among the scraps is a little piece of the back.

I have identified another little problem. When you are sending a fat quarter's worth of scraps, various sizes and shapes, how do you know you have enough in there? I mean, useful and usable scraps. Some of mine have selvage attached, well, for some folk, they love that edge, and it is good, others do not like it and will dispose of that bit. So, although I am sending it, I am not counting it as part of the FQ. In the end I decided to weigh it. I weighed some fabric of known size, and did the sums, and decided, if I send at least 30 grams, I am safe. It will be sufficient. So I am sending a little more, I do not want her to be short changed.

I have now posted my stash blocks to their recipient, with this as a signature block, I do not have a decent permanent marker, so this seemed a sensible alternative.

I am falling behind with my FMQ practice, and have yet to do my skill builder for this week. Instead I have been making Morris belts. But these are just for stock, so no real pressure. Needs doing, but not the same urgency as other jobs.

Now I need to go and do horrid housework, as it won't do itself. And it is work tomorrow, and I won't do it then!


Archie the wonder dog said...

You tease!! And good thinking about weighing the scraps!

Diane-crewe said...

for my scap fabric to include with the bag.... I laid out a fat quarter and covered it with scraps... I never thought to weigh them!! Clever you xx

JoZart said...

Love to see all your fabrics and all you do with them. Thanks for your comment but your guess is WRONG!!! Think needles and threads..... antique object!
Love Jo x here in cold cold Germany for a week!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

oh I'm so excited to see all these lovely pouches reach their owners!! :)

Sewandthecity said...

Oh, what is more frustrating than a non working sewing machine…a non performing computer…hope it gets sorted out soon.
Love the little pile of fabrics.

Kelly said...

Love the sneaky peeks!


That's not teasing, man that is the reverse of what I have gone and done and displayed everything. The woolly has gone off in a sulk. First the owl couldn't be bothered to get off his branch and now it is feeling very big headed from all the compliments it has been getting recently....sorry about the computer and card issues, damned technology.

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