Sunday, 19 February 2012

I am still having problems getting pictures. The computer I mostly use still does not recognise the gizmo for taking images from the SD card, and my husbands computer doesn't recognise it from me, though it does from him! So I have to wait till he is in the humour to do it for me, and email the pictures to myself.

I have made another pouch, with the other elephants on it. And now I am in a quandary, My Mouthy stitches partner might prefer the elephants. But no uploading means, not offering her the choice. I may have to decide for her. I know what is to happen to the remaining pouch, but that will wait until the choice is properly made.

Yes the background is purple really.  And I used the original mosaic. It is not quite as accurate as I would have liked, but, hey I like it anyway. It is individualistic.
And the zip is pale blue. The zip ends- not quite as neat as I would have liked, either. But I think they are okay, and what else?

Pockets. And lining. So..

I think the background lining is an African print, though I am not quite sure. I love that turquoise with the coloured swirly spots.

And, getting ambitious, a zip pocket too. On the opposite side to the open pockets.

And a change of fabric for the inside of the zip pocket....

More spots. I didn't realise how much I like spots, but I do.

And the bottom corners worked a bit better than the other pouch, so both have faults, but I like both of them, and feel someone would enjoy them, as much as I do.
I get a silly sort of glee when I look at the cross formed by that bottom corner. Yes?


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Wow you are getting ambitious!! It all looks great! The zip ends look brilliant and the cross on the bottom would bring me glee too :)

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love those elephants!

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