Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February here I come..

It is the start of Hive #2 in Sunni's stash bee, and our bee leader has posted her block. Strips of colour is what she asked for, in one colour blocks, different prints preferred, but no plains if possible. This works for me, and having Wednesdays off, it is a good day to get things done. Housework in the morning, so stairs look respectable and living room is liveable again (not for long), and I could get on. Halo pinching again..

A green block- does anyone know how much  I like a green? Most of them are good, a few not so much, but green is okay by me.  And then, as two blocks were requested, blue followed.

I hate the way you set up a shot, take the picture, and there is a piece of thread artistically calling your attention when it is  too late! Grrrr!

Oh well, shouldn't complain, at least I can see the threads.

And now I am off to consider further, the zippy pouch for my partner. Hmmm.

And while I am about it, I am linking with Lily's quilts, small blog meet, again  and her fresh sewing day


Diane-crewe said...

there is always room for some GREEN xx

Pat said...

I think the threads just show it's hot of the machine! :) I like the green one, but then, green is my favorite color.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Hahaha that always happens to me too!! I like the blue!

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