Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ok I have not been sewing much, too much else going on!
I have just got back from visiting a very dear friend, and getting her going with her new sewing machine. Introducing her to the benefit of a walking foot! Creation of fun things just cannot be beaten, especially when you can do crafty stuff with company.

Monday night we had a break in at work. It gets complicated, because we are in charge of four premises, so when the alarm goes off, it is not necessarily us who are targetted, but we have to go sort it out. So 11.30 we get the call, the alarm is going off. 5 minutes later, the monitoring service call, to tell us not to go in without police. This is what husbands are for, right?
So he went, and it was not us exactly, but next door, upstairs and down- two businesses, who had to be contacted, and all locks have had to be changed, and windows boarded up and door jambs repaired... so we are mentally and physically tired with the lot of it.

He got back at 3.00am, and of course I was at work the next day, and then going straight from work to my friend, about 100 miles, never been before, in the dark, but it was lovely! You know the sort of friend who you can relax and do nothing, or work alongside in harmony. She is great! And she has hens. They are so lovely to see, going around and sorting themselves out, and the cock waking me up in the morning! I went back to sleep, though and only woke up again at half seven-ish. No harm done there.

Now there are one or two giveaways to tell you about, I really do not want any of you to join in, because then I have less chance to win, however, let us be fair about this, somebody told me, so I suppose, I better pass it on?

Susan, at Canadian abroad is the first one, a new online shop has opened, which promises to be excellent. This is the Village Haberdashery- misn't 'haberdashery an evocative word? Lovely in the mouth, and quaint and old fashioned. I love that word. Full of promise.
Then Adventures in fabric is celebrating numbers of followers. At this rate she will have another one next week because of so many more! She is offering some pretty charm squares, by Moda, Domestic Bliss. Have a look!

and poppy makes is doing a giveaway for those helping name her new puppy!


JoZart said...

Whew You wear me out at the thought of all that going on! glad you had fun after all that with your friend.
My tree was all dead limbs a couple of years ago at the back of all that lovely blossom. It spread and it was in danger of big dry dead branches breaking off and falling on my grandees. This year there wasn't even a bud so no chance of it surviving. The Tree Surgeon guy was a school mate of my daughter and he told me it had to go.
Aintree Show gets better every time. It is a mixed craft show with every craft exhibited and exhibitions displays as well as lots of stamping and papercraft stands. I don't know anyone who hasn't enjoyed it and I love going. It would be good to meet up!!??
JoZarty x

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

What a palaver!! No wonder you're exhausted! Sounds like a fun time with your friend though :) Hope you have a happy week of sewing ahead :)

Archie the wonder dog said...

What a week...and it's only Thursday!!! Hope the weekend is quieter!

Janine said...

Horrible to have to sort things out in the middle of the night! Sounds like you had a lovely time with your friend though. I hope you have a restful weekend :)

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