Monday, 5 March 2012

MY pouch arrived!

Did I just win the lottery? No I got the most beautiful pouch through the post while I was away on holiday. This came from the wonderful Nicky  who I started following ages ago, when Fluffy sheep organised the FMQ sessions. When I saw what she was making I was torn, All her makes were so lovely, and she wanted her partner to choose? Well, I was keen on all of them, but I did make a choice, and this was it. Afterward I wondered, had I chosen right, but then, I did not expect it to be for me really. And then when it turned up, I knew I had chosen right!

The pouch was beautifully wrapped, in bright and cheery parrot paper, this will be saved, and made further use of. Isn't it pretty?

And as a side order to the pouch, many more scraps than was ordained by our Swap Mammas. She got several of my colour schemes off pat, and was most generous with her gifting. I am fizzing with it all, and loving the choicest of scraps- some quite large scraps too. Pinky purply ones, bluey turquoisey ones and a yummy piece of navy jumbo cord. And do you recall her lovely embroidered pouch? It had a strip of elephants on it, and she was so kind, and sent some of them too! I do not think anyone could be more generous with their scraps than Nicky  Haven't I been very lucky indeed? There is a very pretty green with coloured spots, which I have so nearly bought in the past, and a floral in shades of blue and lilac, which has also run through my hands as a possible on several occasions. And a few others have nearly come home with me before now.
And she has sent some linen textured pieces too, which I love. I cannot list everything, but, do not tell on me, -swap mammas if you are watching, look away now- a bar of lovely chocolate also appeared. I am sure it was not in the parcel.... really??
and an ellie card to remind me of the littlest Ellie when we saw the elephant round up in Surin, Thailand, in November.

So, a few more pictures, so that anyone not following our mouthy stitching can get a better idea of Nicky's talents,


secret Ellie


the back! 


Diane-crewe said...

this has been the most wonderful swap... lots of Christmas's all rolled into one xx

Sewandthecity said...

What a lovely pouch...and the paper with the parrots and the card of the baby elephant are so sweet! I am with you on taking away the annoying word has become a little over the top now with the double word. A couple of times I had to give up as I couldn't read the words.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Such a great pouch!! I even thought of you when I saw it!! I think it was the cute bow ;)

Archie the wonder dog said...

It's a great pouch - you lucky thing!! Love the secret elephant, clever Nicky!

Nicky said...

You did like it then?

You asked if there was a bit of Liberty amongst the scraps and there is - that flowery one top left in the big photo of scraps!

Enjoy - hope you can try out lots of things!

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