Monday, 5 March 2012

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I am happy to report, my pouch went off, all by itself, while I was away. I am blessed with a lovely receptionist, who promised to send it while I was on holiday.

Before I went away, we had a bit of this-ing and that-ing, my Papa had a minor op, if anything can be minor when you are into your 80's. on release from hospital, we ended up back there at 3 the following morning, as he was still bleeding, and he was kept in for most of the following day, until he stopped bleeding. Things got better, and he was fit to transport us to the airport, and came to collect us. That was a farce. I know it is not sewing, but, haha!
We travelled by a well known airline, and our return take off time was 14.00. Check in at 12.00, boarding from 13.20. With me so far?
We checked the board at intervals, and, knowing food is not provided on board, except at a cost, decided we would eat before boarding. So at 12.30 we went and ate.About 13.00 we checked the board again. 'Last call for flight xxxx, boarding now' Panic sets in, we are not due to fly until 14.00, and there had been no announcements. so we rushed to the boarding gate, feeling like the very last of the last, and boarded. We were not the last, and there were mutterings around as other passengers also felt that the plane might have gone without us without any warning. Uncomfortable feeling.
Once the doors were shut, they thanked us nicely, told us that everyone was accounted for and no-one left behind, and that we could leave half an hour early, as there was a spare slot.
And we sat. Eventually they told us that, although there was a slot, Control did not want us to go to the runway until 5 minutes before we had been due to take off...  We did leave a little early in the end, and had a fast flight home arriving 30 minutes early.
Meanwhile, Papa consults his computer to see if we are running late, or on time. He then panics, as he has a 25 minute journey to come and fetch us, and we are now landing in 5 minutes! so he sets off.

We disembark the Plane, and get through Passport etc, and head for our luggage carousel. On its board, our luggage is due out by 18.52 ( how are they so precise?) and that from another flight, by 19.20.So we wait. and after about 20 minutes the beeper goes, and then the carousel starts to move. Luggage appears.

Not our luggage though, an announcement is made. 'There is a mechanical fault, and the engineers cannot open the hatches to get the luggage out' So it is Dubai who get their luggage first. Does the airport think to tell those passengers? Not a hope! I spot some folk nearby, and suggest that the luggage merrily trolling round for the third time may be from their aircraft?

Ten minutes later they come back and thank me, and they are on their way.

By the time we get out, my father is frozen with waiting, and might just as well have not rushed, as we are rather later than had we been on time and all gone smoothly!

Anyway, if you made your way through that, here is something that put me in mind of Woolly, so if a Womble is watching...its for you!

Now, the point of this post was actually to 'fess up and tell what I sent in the end. I was lucky enough to be given the job of making a pouch for Tanya, who is also new to swaps, and fairly new to the world of blogging. She is great fun and was lovely to make for, though she is an occasional surfer, so feedback sometimes seemed slow to those of us who are impatient- but it always came and was encouraging! Thank you Tanya! I felt so much better when I heard from you! Sorry to be impatient :-(((

In the end I chose to send her owls, and sorted scraps out which I hoped she will like, and after it was all sealed I worried that I hadn't sent enough. I think I did send a little over the fat quarter- but still I felt mean- Perhaps that is inevitable.
I sewed a card, with some bits from the pouch, and wrapped it in tissue paper and tied with a ribbon, so I felt it looked like a parcel that was exciting to open.

And she likes it!



It looks like a big woolly mammoth trunk :) I forgot you were going away, that explains why it's been so quiet! Didn't we do well out of our swaps and see no need for all the worrying (which I am still doing as my pouch still hasn't landed yet)

Sewandthecity said...

Oh what a journey...and it is always the "well-known" airlines...My mum came to visit us a couple of weeks ago and both times she got an e-mail that her flight was cancelled and she was moved to another flight - did anyone ask if that flight was OK, not really.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

What a drama!! That is why I HATE travelling ;)
So glad she likes her pouch, a happy ending!

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