Saturday, 24 March 2012

Skill builder is back!

I am now trying to catch up again with the skill builder. I did make a start on the wonky log cabin, but, I hate it! I really dislike it so much that, although I will finish it, I suspect I will then take it apart and use the bits elsewhere. No I am not prepared to share it. It is NASTY. I expect I will have to put it on the flickr group, but that will be its lot. Yuck.

However, last weeks block was wonky stars. I did not expect to like it any better. What a revelation. I really like wonky stars. Or this one anyway.
I chose the fabrics fairly carefully, the greens could have been designed to go together. And a small modicum of care in sewing the triangles on wonkily (is that a word? ), and I was pleasantly surprised. It felt good.

All a little bit different, but, yes, okay. And then to sew them together, and I love the block!

I hope you like it too.

Now, the other night I was really not doing well on the sleep front. I had gone to bed at the usual time, but woke up around 3am. I tried all the usual standbys, went to the loo, got a small drink of water, hid under the covers to rebreathe the carbon dioxide breath, relaxed all the muscles toes up, but I was very awake. In the end I got up and came down and had a go at ribbon roses. These are made with wired ribbon, and I was quite pleased with them.
Of course, I then do not know what to do with them, so, sorry Tara! You gat them. Whoops. I hope you do not mind too much. They just slid into the envelope of their own accord. I had nothing to do with it, honest....

This afternoon  I went to a fabric sale at Patchfinders. I was very good, and only bought a small quantity of fabric to add to my stash. How is fabric so addictive? I also treated myself to some spray baster, which should come in very useful. What did I buy?

The soft yellow with pastel spots didn't show well there, so here it is again. Very pretty!

The only sad thing was, I missed Lucy, by minutes! I did not get away from work quite quickly enough. Sorry Lucy.

Then when we got back from the fabric shop, (I took my DD2 with me, and she made up for my lack of extravagance) we went into the greenhouse, and cleared it out. At last. It really needed it. The dahlias needed starting. My DD2 loves dahlias, so I think I might make them her responsibility! Haven't told her that yet, so I do not know what she may think. We also planted some seeds. Tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, pak choi, and broccoli. It is a start.

And I have been celebrating. My orchids live in the bathroom, well, three of them have decided to flower. One is really dainty, and the other that is out is a bit larger, and more extravagant. The third one is a little behind, but should be properly out at the end of next week.


Now to make a start on this weeks skill builder. Wonky fan. Looks fun.

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Diane-crewe said...

glad you enjoyed your fabric shopping xx I like your wonky star... its awful when you make a block and want to burn it!! xx

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