Sunday, 28 October 2012

My sewing space

I have had to clear away my sewing space, as we are having visitors. I had to take a photo, as it may never look as good again! But how has this transformation been achieved?

 By the simple expedient of transporting it elsewhere, to clutter up the bedroom!

Here are my three sewing machines!
 And most of the fabric is here, one way or another!

Other rooms look unnaturally tidy too,

A lack of clutter in the hall!

 An unnaturally tidy bedroom
And where is the mess in the living room?

This cannot last!     so the photos will remind me of what is possible!
And look what else I have been given! All four are hot, or medium hot chilli peppers. So now for some cooking! Oh and there just happens to be some chocolate there as well!
Not sure how long that will last!


Isisjem said...

Can you come round and work your tidying miracle at my place!

cheeky monkey said...

It looks like I need to get some visitors around to clean up as well :) Isn't it great when it is done?

Catherine said...

I have guests coming to stay on Tuesday and have been having a mad tidy up today as well!

Collette said...

oh there is nothing like visitors to induce a mad fit of cleaning in me!! what a great idea taking photos of it all too!

Terri said...

Methinks I need a MammaFairy to come wave her magic wand at my house too - sure is good at making everything look most spick & span!!!!

Nicky said...

I only clean up for visitors - perhaps I need more that one per month!

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