Friday, 26 October 2012

one elephant went balancing...

 on a spiders web one day, he thought this such tremendous fun, he called for another elephant to come!

Don't panic! NO spider pictures today!

 Sorry, this may be heavy on pictures,  we are to have visitors next week, and I will be sewing machine free until they go, but I have some past projects and a wonderful swappy thing to share!

First, I had a wee PIF to organise myself for. The recipient, is one of the most fun, kind and funny ladies I have encountered. She has a lot of mischief lurking, and, although I have not yet met her, she is chock full of glee, and I cannot wait to get to know her in person. She knows who she is!

So I wanted a mini project that would make her laugh, and that I thought she might enjoy receiving. 

I think you all know how I feel about elephants. I am not exclusively gone on elephants, I also love frogs, owls, cats, lizards, and have a very soft spot for pigs.  But elephants are so satisfying! They have nice big flappy ears, and seem so  much in tune with their matriarchal groups. So, elephants seemed liable to get involved.
I had made a wee dumpling pouch. and it was fun, and easy, and I felt I could combine dumpling and elephant.

 I made the big size first. Spotty fabric, bright ellie.
then I made a little one. Scissor fabric, and a yellow ellie.

These nest nicely together, but a nest of three, would be more fun?
So I made a bigger one.

More scissor fabric, and a green ellie. All with flappy ears.

Little starry eyes, and contrasty linings.

But you cannot send three nesting pouches with nothing in the middle?

 I have been intrigued by 'biscornu' . So I made a mini pinnie, biscornu fashion, and that went in the middle.

 The two sides are slightly different.

and here in the mess of working, are the main ingredients of the PIF. See, Nicky- your zippy pouch lurks in the background- very much in use!

so that collection of ellies, all zipped one inside t'other, has winged its way to a new home!

My mouthy stitches partner has been stalking me quietly. Giving no clue as to her identity. Watching and trawling through my blog. And a beautiful tote, and key fob turned up at my house today!  Ready for more piccies?

 more ellies? I guess someone noticed my affection for ellies!

But are these not really beautiful ellies. All shimmery and flowery powery!
 pretty wrapping!

and, on opening, the first sight of what has been lovingly made for me! see that subtle stitchery? and the pretty grey linen?
 Just look at that! beautifully pieced, beautifully quilted! I can tell you, this is a really well crafted piece of work.  Sorry, I have just cut off an ellie attached to that keyfob!
I love everything about this bag. The colours chosen, the piecing, the quilting- oh everything!

and the liberty lining! signed in there at the base- such  a clever and lovely thought.

Thank you Territee, I am a winner with this one!

And it goes to work with me tomorrow!


Di said...

Loving those elephant pouches. I reckon Terri has nailed it with that gorgeous tote. Di x

Pam said...

The elephant appliques are the perfect shape for the dumpling pouches. They look fabulous!!! I have never appliqued an elephant, but when I think about it, that big floppy ear just calls out to be appliqued.

Catherine said...

What a fabulous tote you have been sent, love those colours! And your elephant pouches are great too

Second Chance Tan said...

ooooo what a brilliant idea your ellie dumplings fitting inside one another are........... and lucky you with getting that fab tote from the mouthy stitches swap - beautiful xx

Cayt said...

Beautiful! I love the ellies and the pincushion is lovely. I am also intensely jealous of your tote - someone did a good job stalking you!

Fabraholic said...

I don't know whom you're talking about, but I do love those elephants and the rest as well :-)


Hmmmmmmmmm, distinct lack of woolly mammoths, but naked mammoths are nearly as good ;)

Kelly said...

pretty elephants and the tote is gorgeous.

Terri said...

Aw, you say the nicest things Rachel :-) lovin' your nest of Ellie's, fabuloso!

Nicky said...

Haha I'm going to call you elephant woman now!

Great tote!

Nicky said...

And thanks for the pouch mention - glad it is being used though obviuosly it should have been elephant shaped!

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