Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ok, so I decided a complete change of tack was required for the mouthy lot!
Perhaps lighten things up a little? Now, I really do not want to have to go out and buy new fabric for this. My addiction does not need feeding! It has already become disproportionate! My OH thinks there is a limit to how much fabric I should keep!  He is, of course, in error, but we will gloss over that.

So bearing in mind certain comments I have received, I dragged these out of my stash, and have a new plan. But we shall have to see whether it is a viable one.

Comments are decidedly more encouraging this time, but can I get it done? I am away for the weekend, so no sewing on it then, and I have to get it all ready by the followingSsaturday. So, it may be a case of, whether or no! 

Today I finished costumes, and they have been collected. I was very scared about one in particular, but, having finished all the others, I took hold of my courage in both hands, and Made the Big One.

For better or worse, it is now done, and the teacher knows, I have no time to redo it- if it is wrong, she will have to sort it now. I do not like to be like that, but, this is where I am at the moment. Next on the list, is the mouthy Tote!

1 comment:

Isisjem said...

Aww I really hope your partner likes what you pulled this time. I still would have gone with the other one if time was so pressing :-)

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