Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Busy sewing day!

 The Stash bee challenge this month was to do a self portrait, and a portrait of your pet.

Well, Genny is our pussy cat. Does Genny care for having her portrait made? Or would she rather look the other way?

You guessed it, she is Miss Disdain, and has no desire to oblige, by looking in the direction of a camera.

So I took a sketch from the image, and used Bondaweb to take a trace. This, of course, gives me a mirror image. So this is Genny, the mirror cat!

Not too bad, methinks!

 I am not at all convinced about having my image, either. This is the best I can do, but I trust I do not really look like that!

The block for Quilt Arond the World, for this lady, is in shades of pink and green. But a very particular pink and green. I am not so much of a pink person, and most of the pinks in my stash are rather stronger than this! So I had to go shopping! I now have rather nmore pink in my stash- and I thought this would be a stash buster???

So far, with the Stash bee, and the QATW, my stash inexorably grows!

But, having shopped this morning, I was very pleased to finish the two portrait blocks- I changed what I was doing with these, so that my Mums machine could cope, But it still struggled a bit- so do not look too closely at the stitchery round Genny's grey bits! And to get the pink and green one done as well- That is a good day of sewing!

So, what did you achieve this Wednesday?

1 comment:

cheeky monkey said...

your blocks look good! the cat is gorgeous! I am still thinking which pet I will pick ...

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