Saturday, 24 November 2012

Early December,

Our Stash Bee runs through December, so someone, very sensibly, suggested that the Queen for December might like to post her requirements early. This is the sort of thinking that I like. Okay, I am a bit of a procrastinater, but still, to be able to think ahead suits me quite well. 
Scrappy blocks she asked for, Arkansas Crossroads. The scrappier the better. Each little beauty takes twelve 3.5" squares, and two 6.5" white. But they turn out really fun. 
And Jackie wanted two blocks, so that is what I made. It would be easy to do a whole quilt with these, as they can be turned and arranged in different ways. 

Then, having had fun with totes, for the mouthy stitches lot, my thoughts turn to Christmas- only one calendar month to Christmas Eve! and what I could do with making, and for whom? An owl popped into my head, for someone, No, not YOU! Someone else!

I did a little internet research, and came up with an owl. Now, do not ask me which owl,I do not know, but an owl of some description!
So I drew out my owl, and modified it, Bondaweb comes out once more, and the scraps get searched, and hey! Is it an owl? 

 I am really quite pleased with him (her? it? whatever)

  Raw edge applique for the most part, some satin stitch around the eyes, and a little bit of machine embroidered feather stitch in different colours...

light quilting on the back..

 My son, come home for the weekend as a surprise, acts as model,
 and of course some other owls in the lining..

Hope they like it!

Now, as a small added extra, the Sewing Directory are doing a cloud craft giveaway, with snowflake trim. I do not know about you, but I can think of a number of uses for that! So do feel free to pop across and take a look!


Pam said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the owl!!! Very clever!!! Makes a fabulous tote.

Sarah said...

Don't think I've ever seen that block before - will be interesting to see how the quilt is arranged. Very clever on your owl tote - hope it is well received.

Di said...

Clever owl tote. It is lovely. Like Sarah, I have never seen that block either. Di x

Nicky said...

Whooooo-ever that owl is for, should be happy as he is one cute bird!

Well done in getting your blocks done!

Catherine said...

Wow, your owl is amazing, what a fabulous tote!

Cayt said...

He's rather handsome, isn't she? (I take it the No, not YOU might have been directed at me, perhaps?) A lovely bag and very different.

I'd welcome some of that little owls fabric in my life, just so you know.

mammafairy said...

Darling- you and half a dozen others!

Janine said...

I LOVE your owl! Brilliant :)

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