Friday, 23 November 2012

joy in solids!

First of all, I have an unsolicited Praise Fest, for Justine, of Simply Solids. Why? Well.
I have a charm pack, of Cosmo Cricket, Salt Air. This is a lovely line, but I had no idea, at first what I should do with it. I had decided it needed a solid to go with it, but was undecided what I should, or even could, select. There are some really lovely wedgewood-y greens and blues, but if I used them it might become quite a sombre quilt top. And then, in her range of neutrals, I spotted 'butterscotch'. A rich golden yellow, with the barest hint of mustard. On the image it looked right, but different computer screens render colour a little differently. And If I am buying a big wodge of this, it has to be right!

So I emailed Justine, for a personal opinion.

She got back to me in less than two hours, confirming the choice. On Wednesday afternoon, my order went in. And TODAY, it all arrived! Less than 48 hours, and my fabric is with me!

And does it go as I had hoped?

You bet!

What do you think? I am planning to put together a more masculine quilt with this, and I think it will be cheerful, without being too feminine.
Now what design to use... Any ideas?

And I could not just buy that, I needed some white- it disappears so fast, and somehow a little goody bag hopped into the order as well! A strippy lot may have to appear as well....

So, if you want really great service, go and investigate Justine!

I am sure there are a lot of others who give the same great service, but I was so impressed, I had to share!


Catherine said...

I won a jelly roll of salt air at the retreat last year, I have so many ideas for it, but atm, not the time!

Justine said...

Thanks for this honey I really do appreciate it! The quilt is going to look awesome Xxx

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