Monday, 1 April 2013

Fresh sewing day

It seems I had very little sewing in March. Now why would that be?

Oh yes, because my sewing machine misbehaved and had to go back to the repair man. Again. She is a dream, and I do love her, but twice? And for a fault that they say doesn't often happen? each time- two different faults that do not often happen?

Oh well, she is back now, and I can sew again.

So, all I can show for March is
 this cloak for 'Brian the Lion'

and a small Easter egg substitute, for DD2

but why not jump on the band wagon, and join up with Lynne for Fresh sewing day, again.

What did you manage in March?


Archie the wonder dog said...

I bet the lion took some making! As, I'm guessing, did hoovering up afterwards!

Hope your machine stays well... said...

Love the cloak! I have to admit that I've a terrible fear of garment sewing, so I envy those with that skill set. said...

Once upon a time I only had one sewing machine. My dear mother was visiting and using my machine and broke it. I was devestated. I could not find a trustworthy repair shop. I finally purchase a new Husqvarna about a year later. My new DH discovered I loved vintage machines and now I own about a dozen. I love having back ups!

Nicky said...

Brian the lion ?? Tell me more!

cheeky monkey said...

At least you have a lion in your house now! Who else can say that :D

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