Sunday, 18 August 2013

A WIP wiped... or something

I joined the Lazy Bums Finishing School in the hope that the very accomplished Teachers would assist me in completing some work.

And, with a few threats of dire consequences, and a few carrots, and encouraging words, I did indeed turn a UFO into an ..... Oh, dear, I do not think I can write that.... Thinking hard, Perhaps I can say, a Completed Project!


assembled themselves, months ago, into, well, nearly a quilt top.
Then were put away as other, more urgent tasks came to hand, until, this month, they became my challenge for August!

And, fully confident, I got it out. And found I was quite a bit short of a top.I had some fabric, but not, in all truth, the right shaped pieces of fabric for completing the top. Let alone, finishing the quilt.

I am a wangler. I will shift things around, and change things a bit, until I get what I have to do what I want, I might add a bit of something else, here, or there, to make it work.

However, on this occasion, I had no need to wangle. Some strange Angel, or fairy Godmother came along and, Hey Presto! through the post, came a parcel... with not only the required Kona Butterscotch, but some extra remnants of gorgeous purple and hot pink Kona, too.
with a sweetie taped to the back of the delivery note...??

So, no wangling required, and between yesterday and today,

I pinned top to fleece for backing...

and quilted and bound my Salt Air very simple top.  I love those 8 pointed stars which appear!

Those middle squares are made from the HST squares left over when I made the blocks..

 I machine bound the quilt, and was quite pleased with how the corners worked..

Starched the whatever out of that binding strip before I started! It really helps.

So, I can officially tell you, Lazy Bums Finishing School does work!

Want to join?

go see these people .

They can help!

Thank You Angel- You know who you are!

If you really want to know...

Materials used

Kona Butterscotch, approx 3m
Salt Air, one Charm pack.
Fleece- 1 piece, as bought by weight...

finished size, 60" by 49"


Fabraholic said...

Nice work Rachel; it looks wonderful!

Nicky said...

So glad you had an angel to hand! Well done Rachel!

the running hare said...

Lucky you to have such a wonderful angel. The quilt was worth waiting for! Now to check out those Lazy Bums..

moira said...

what a fabulous completed project. Off to check out the lazy bums!

cheeky monkey said...

It turned out gorgeous! I never thought this color can look so nice! Great to snuggle in when the cold days will arrive

Catherine said...

It looks fabulous Rachel

Gertie Pye said...

What an excellent finish! I can't think of anything better than fabric arriving with sweets. Perfect!

Sew Thrifty Fi said...

Thinking of joining but what do they do?? X

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