Friday, 2 August 2013

Cathedral window

This is what you get when you decide to do your first Cathedral window, but find one of your squares is about 3/8" too short in one direction... That orange widow has two untidier sides!

This was just playtime- I have no more of that blue, and cannot recall which blue it is, so it will stay a random sample...

But I suspect more windows may appear in the future..

What was that about not starting more projects until some of the ongoing get finished?   No, I am not hearing you,

Don't shout, I cannot listen..

Oh but Reene is having a mega giveaway- don't tell her I sent you over! And don't you go and win either!


Reene@Nellie's Niceties said...

Thanks for the mention :) Cathedral windows are addictive!

Sarah said...

Great practice on your cathedral windows. I would love to have taken that class at fqr. Been to Reene's already - can't believe we have to share the news for a second chance! ;-)

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