Thursday, 15 August 2013

Procrastination- again...

 this block is another from the Round the World series. Pam has asked for 'Jewels in the dark. She wanted a grey background, and the interplay of bright colours with positive and negative spaces.

It is definitely outside my comfort zone, but it works ok with other folks blocks. Unfortunately, it has ended a little oversized, but I couldn't bear to cut it, so I have left it for her to choose where to crop!
Another block in the group is a little small, perhaps, so this should make up for that one!

Then, Christine wanted Geometric interwoven blocks. I am afraid I decided to apply the KISS method. I drew this out roughly, and did the maths, and just made it. Here is progress...

and this is, Finish.

I love that black with the scroll effect.

As we already had another  block sitting waiting, when a package appeared in yesterdays post, we popped in our blocks and sent it straight out again!

That is what I like, surprise them all with unwonted efficiency!


Gertie Pye said...

These bee blocks look very striking! Your method clearly worked because it all looks perfectly placed to me.

Have just come back from holiday and caught up on your blog posts and have been chuckling at your jam with the 90 plums and 91 stones. My theory is that there were 91 plums and one of them has been munched!

Also what a lovely machine purchase ... looks like a dream machine. I hope you get to play on it sometimes too!

Janine said...

These blocks are great! I especially love the weaving effect!

Sew Thrifty Fi said...

Procrastination.. Did I give u this word!! Lol

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