Thursday, 1 August 2013

Harvest begins

First lot boiling
about half the crop..

dripping through
 We have one redcurrant bush. That is all. Just the one.
I love redcurrant jelly. I would eat it with sweet or savoury, on rice pudding, in yogurt, with lamb, or chicken, or spread on bread. Love it. So, how much redcurrant jelly can you get from just one bush?

I do not yet know. We picked 6lb 12 oz. From one bush.

I have boiled up 3lb, and it is dripping through the jelly bag. I have boiled up the remaining 3lb 12 oz, but that will have to wait until I have sorted the first lot, so I can use the jelly bag again.
next lot on the boil
So, in the next few days, we shall have new red jewel like jelly. That's good!

  and we have started picking damsons. Sweet and delicious and just gettiong on with themselves, with very little attention from me.
There is about 1lb 12 oz here, we should double that in the next day or two- any that evade eating raw- they will become jam too. You cannot beat home made jam!

And DD2 has been busy too. She and her Dad went picking raspberries at the PYO this morning.
All this jam.

And himself has gone in quest of jam sugar and lemons and ginger for making our delicious courgette and ginger jam. I love getting that store cupboard stocked with home made goodness.

Yes, I am trying to make you jealous!


Sew Thrifty Fi said...

Ummmm love homemade jam.. I have to wait till next yr for my rhubarb batch!!

Diane Gilmore said...

I'm salivating at all that yummy fruit and jam. Di x

Isisjem said...

All looks and sounds delicious. Any kind of plum or gage is my weakness so I'd scoff them raw before they got to be turned into any preserve ;-)

Janine said...

Looks delicious! We have lots of plums on the tree but they're nowhere near ripe :)

C said...

Where's the apple jelly?!

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