Sunday, 16 October 2011

drops of death! or something.

Its ok to laugh.
I should have done this earlier this week, I have been away for the weekend, and come back thinking, I better have a go or the next one will be going and I am running behind trying to catch up all the time.

So I fitted the correct foot on. i adjusted the presser foot tension. I pushed the button. And it wouldn't play. Aaaargh. Why no play today?? Silly thing. I took it all off, and tried again. Still not playing. I could sew but not with my foot.

Eventually, havin searched the manual front to back and back to front- I think There has to be something on the internet?? How stupid can I get. The flashing symbol on the machine tells me exactly why it isn't playing. FGor this foot it insists on putting the feed dogs down, and I hadn't!
The machine is cleverer than I am ( not that that says much) and It knows what I am doing wrong. It just can't shout loud enough to get me to understand.Whew. So feed dogs down and we are off.

Want to see the hopeless result? Unfortunately i forgot to put a strong contrast on to let me see detail of my mess but, I will show you.

This is the back, Grotty picture, but some loops are visible.  And the front?

Unfortunately I have some excellent patches of excess fabric bunching in between the loops. I shall have to have another go, with more contrast, but first go at this pattern, so I am getting somewhere.

I have learnt, I cope better travelling Left to Right. I cope better looping down from the top, rather than up from the bottom. I need lots more practice. And I am dead mean over the fabric I am prepared to use. Anything I like, even if I have no use for it, I don't want to 'waste' on practice. even tough I need the practice and know it is not a waste. Attitude adjustment please.

Now go look at everyone else at fluffy sheep  and see what they have done, 'cos they are all much better than my effort.


Pat said...

Good Job! I'm not sure why your fabric bunched up, but you could spray baste it if it continues to be a problem.

I'm really loving looking at everyone's samples and I can't wait to see how fast we all improve!

kristastitched said...

Did you pin the sandwich together at all? If not I would guess that's why your fabric bunched in the middle. I agree with Pat, spray basting would work too. I totally hear you on not wanting to use your beloved fabric for practice! I have like 5 yards of this orange sateen stuff I got on super super sale so I'm using that, lol.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

drops of death hahahahahaha! The shapes look really good. I agree that it looks like basting is the problem. I don't actually baste mine because they're only small squares but I have to really pull it tight. I'm definitely going to try spray basting because there's no way I would fmq a quilt with pins in it!!
Your machine is clearly VERY intelligent - a tad annoying though!! I don't like it when machines have all the power it's way too Terminator 2 for my liking!!

Nicky said...

Baste somehow, Sarah! Your shapes look good it is just that the layers seem to have slipped. I definitely find it easier to go in one direction rather than another and sometimes find it easier unpside down !

Keep going we will all get there!

Rebecca Lynne said...

OH MY that title is a RIOT! Hmmm, I don't know why it bunched but all the suggestions above are lovely ideas. I too am really very mean about my own fabric choices...I don't want to use my lovelies on something that is almost guaranteed to turn out ugly!!! Hahahaha!!!

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