Sunday, 9 October 2011

Feed my addiction

I have some very pretty fabrics waiting for the right projects to come and play.

  I found this batik, which just sings to me, in a fabric shop which is not really local, but if my local shop (5 miles) hasn't got what I need then Leons may. (14 miles).   The spots and the batik both were at Leons.

 I don't know where I got the seahorses, but they go with the batik beautifully.
Quilting fabric I have a choice. I always forget Bambers, (10 miles)  which is really a sewing machine shop, where they are mega helpful and really care that you get the right machine, but have a fabric and haberdashery upstairs too. And we have a tiny little local shop which shuts at funny times, which also does some Quilting cottons, and are really helpful, but with limited range. But if I really want quilting stuff I need to go to Patchfinders, who also do delicious workshops. But they are 25-30 miles away.Or wait 'til I visit DD who has a fantastic place almost on her doorstep, which is hidden away in an industrial estate, and took us a lot of trawling around to find even when we knew it was there.

But they gave me these (sold me..)


The richness of these sing to me.
I was in patchfinders and saw and fell in love with this
  such a dainty print, and lovely colour. Sadly, I had nothing else that would go with it. So I had to find a few helpers...

and now I need a project to go with them.

When I was FMQ- ing I had a silly happen. This has never happened before. I removed the spool from the top of the machine, to put another colour on, and the thread leapt half off the spool in my hand!

I have tried to gently persuade it back on, but I am not convinced it will run right again. It just looks birds nesty. Humph.

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Lucy @ Charm About You said...

humph indeed! how annoying. Well done on getting your lovely goodies :) The gave/sold comment had me laughing!!

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