Friday, 21 October 2011

fmq, tiles

ok, I decided to be more organised. I have some calico left from another project, and some wadding from something else, so I have a sandwich, and penciled squares onto the top layer. Then I have sewn the lines, to dispose of the need to baste, or pin, so I can 'get to grips' with the FMQ.

And I spent yesterday evening, working on alice's apron including the little pockets, for hanky and gloves

The trim is pink, because the dress will be blue. And now I am working on the bits of dress I can get on with in absence of back of neck to waist measurement. I have bust waist and finished length, but not the last dimension I need... But sleeves are under way, and so is skirt, so I am winning, I hope.

1 comment:

Nicky said...

Very organised! But where is the FMQ??

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