Sunday, 1 April 2012

wonky fan

I was away for the weekend, so I am just doing a quick catch up now. My daughter is going to college in September, some distance away, and she had a pre-enrolement day, and we also got to see where she should be living next year. My friend from school days lives about halfway there, so it is a good excuse to go and visit, and spend a bit of time. DD2 will be living in Bath, what a lovely place to be obliged to live!

Last week Leila set us another wonky block to make. This time it was a wonky fan, which was simple and effective. At least I actually liked my end result again. And I think I will enjoy the March bee block, too. Stephanie has asked for improvised house blocks. Way back when Leila gave us these to make, I loved the result, and enjoyed the making too, so this one should be good. She has asked for a blue and a green, to be grass and sky, but other than that we are flying free!

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Diane-crewe said...

Im told Bath is lovely... good excuse to visit I would think xx

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